How I Quickly and Easily Make DIY Toys For my Parrots using the Bird Toy Builder!

Even though I've never thought of myself as a very creative person, like many parrot owners, I sill attempted to make toys for my birds.  It was time consuming and I didn't always stick with it, but buying the pre-made ones could be SO expensive!  I would look at the elaborate toys other people made and think, wow, I just don't have time to do that (and even if I did, I probably couldn't pull it off).  

I thought there had to be other bird owners out there that felt the same way!

I dreamed there was an easier way to make CUTE toys with parts I had on hand...things I already knew my birds liked.  I kept thinking about it and slowly a design started to form in my head.  I drew out on paper what I had in mind and then with some help, I used 3D softward to build it.  Finally, using our 3D printer, my design came to life!  It was pretty exciting!!  See the Bird Toy Builder as it's being printed in the video below.  

 Check out the tutorial video on the product page to see how easily, quickly and inexpensively you can build great looking toys using the Bird Toy Builder.  I hope you and your birds will enjoy using it as much as we do!!


Purchase the Bird Toy Builder here:

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