Grass Foraging Mat for Your Parrot

If you're looking for a new foraging idea for your bird, you might want to give this one a try!

A grass foraging mat is especially great for ground foragers like Cockatiels, Cockatoos, African Greys, and Parakeets because it encourages natural behaviors (of course any species will probably love it)!


Ground foraging parrots


As always, be sure you are watchful of how your bird interacts with new items you introduce, and that you feel comfortable with anything you give to your birds. You must know YOUR parrot...nothing is 100% safe for every bird. 

For the foraging mat I used the Prevue Hendrix Tinkle Turf Replacement Grass (it's the grass only, without the mat or any kind of absorbent pad).

 Whatever brand you get, make sure there's enough height to the grass to hide whatever food you'll be offering..    

  Grass Foraging Mat for Parrots

I got a larger piece and then cut it to fit the spaces I wanted it to fit on the tops of our birds cages.  I also rolled it up the opposite way so it would lay flat. 

Grass Foraging Mat for Parrots

 Be sure to place it in an area that's not a "hot spot" for pooping. 

You could also make a portable version by installing it on a plastic tray, old baking pan or cardboard box (cut the sides so they're just a few inches high).

Then just scatter seeds, pieces of nuts or dried veggies, fruits and greens over the mat for your bird to forage for. 


Dried veggie mix for parrots

For a list of my FAVORITE dried foods to use in this and other foraging toys, check out this blog post.  

 Grass Foraging Mat

 If your bird is a bit hesitant to use it, place a few favorite treats on the grass mat and be sure your bird sees you do it.  If they're fearful of it, place it farther from the cage, moving it closer each day until they're more comfortable with it. 

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