Free Guide To A Picky Parrot

Does your parrot reject almost any fresh food you give them? 

  • Parrots NEED variety in their diet.  Current research shows that the best thing we can do is provide them with a LOT of different foods to cover their nutritional bases.
  • They also need to feel like they CHOICES in what they do and what they eat each day. This is a huge part of their quality of life.  A variety of foods helps provides this for our birds.


Maybe you already know most of this...

                but your bird just won't EAT what you give them.

 Picky Parrot Saying No



That's where our handy guide comes in. 


We've compiled a list of the tips and tricks that we've used to get our birds eating more fresh foods...and we want to help YOU outsmart your picky parrot!  

The guide also includes:

  • A list of common parrot-safe foods
  • Foods to avoid
  • Food prep tips...including how to make and store "chop" and tips for when you chop turns out soggy. 


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    Free Guide To A Picky Parrot