Your parrot wants you to read this! The benefits of enrichment and how to get started.

Can enriching our parrots lives really...

  • Prevent and reduce: aggression, feather picking and other repetitive behaviors like pacing and bar biting.
  • Improve physical health (since it provides opportunities for activity).
  • Lower stress.

Yes!  Studies have shown that these are all benefits of enriching your parrots environment. But what exactly is enrichment? 

 Enrichment = the things we can to do improve the lives of our companion parrots.

It offers them the chance to experience some of the diversity that being in the wild offers. But where do we start?  Start by doing things that will draw out their natural behaviors.

Parrots in the wild spend hours and hours of their day  

    • Foraging for food
    • Socializing
    • Chewing
    • Wing Flapping
    • Making a mess!

 We can encourage these behaviors!  Start by doing things that will increase your parrots behavioral choices.  Choices like:

    • Where they eat
    • Where they move in their cage
    • What they play with

You can start by simply moving food bowls, changing up their perches and relocating toys. Start slow by adding foraging options gradually.

There are many ways to enrich your parrots life. Check out our post on the 5 types of enrichment for more ideas!

As always, please be watchful of your bird interacts with any new items you introduce.  Know your bird and be as careful as possible!  Nothing is 100% safe for every bird. But remember, the benefits of providing enrichment far outweigh the risks! They can suffer when no enrichment is offered too!


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