Say Goodbye to Mushy Parrot Chop: 6 fail-proof tips for freezing food for your bird.

Love freezing your parrot's chop for convenience, but hate the soggy thawed result? Don't worry, we've got you covered with these handy tips: 

Skip watery foods when making parrot chop

  1. Skip adding fruits to frozen chop. Most fruits have way too much moisture to be included in frozen chop and will end up soggy when unthawed.  Opt for freeze-dried fruit or add fresh fruits right before serving.    
  2. Watch out for high-water-content veggies like cucumber, jicama and celery as they will likely be mush when thawed. Add them fresh, right before serving.  If boiling or steaming vegetables, be sure to remove as much moisture as possible before adding them to your mix. 

      Undercooked grains help soak up moisture in chop

      3. If adding grains, brown rice or pasta (made from legumes is best), slightly undercook them. This will allow them to absorb a bit more moisture once mixed with the vegetables. They should be tender, but still firm.  Allow them to cool completely before adding them to the vegetables.  Remember, we suggest adding pasta and rice in small quantities since they’re not very nutrient dense. 

        Parrot safe dried herbs and greens can soak up moisture in chop

        4.  Add some parrot-safe dry herbs, avian herb mixes and freeze-dried veggies.

        Raw old fashioned oats, chia, Flax seeds and quinoa flakes can be added to dry up your chop.  5. Other foods that can be added to draw up moisture: Raw, uncooked rolled grains or old-fashioned oats. Chia, Flax seeds (or Flax meal), Quinoa flakes, Barley flakes or Millet.

        Run a paper towel through the mix to absorb some of the moisture.6. Lasty, run a paper towel through the mix to absorb some of the moisture. Check the bottom of your mixing bowl.  Be sure any standing water is gone before packaging up and freezing your mix.


        Remember, fresh vegetables and greens should always be the bulk of your mix. 

        The other additions above are like the “seasoning” for your chop.


        Should you add your dry items before or after freezing?

        Your dry items can be added before you freeze it or just before feeding (after you thaw it). I’ve done it both ways.  Some people swear that adding it right before feeding is best to soak up any moisture, but I love how time-saving it is to add it before I freeze it.  Try it both ways and see what works for you.


        I never have soggy chop anymore

        And as an extra bonus, small chunks of chop are pretty easy to break apart when you're ready to use them.



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