Easy, Time-Saving Parrot Treat Cups.

Need more time?  Or just want more time that you can spend with your birds? 

Check out these easy time-saving treat cups! 

Just pack up containers with small amounts of different healthy, bird-safe snacks and you'll have snack packs for the week in just a few minutes! 

In the wild, parrots spend hours foraging for food.  Keep them busy throughout the day by hiding foods in foraging toys that they must find or open.  Foraging provides birds with physical exercise and mental stimulation.  Dried foods are perfect for foraging toys because they won't spoil if your bird doesn't find them right away.

We alternate using different dried foods that we have on-hand, like: 

  • Dehydrated vegetable mixes
  • Dehydrated fruit mixed (use unsulfured kinds)
  • Avian herb & salad green mixes
  • Dried flowers or avian tea mixes
  • Coconut
  • Seeds & Nuts (just a few, especially if you also use them for training throughout the day).
  • Nutri-Berries
  • Oven Fresh Bites
  • We even throw in pelleted foods that are different than the brand our birds get daily (just a piece or two). 

Parrots, Parrot Toys, Parrot Enrichment, Parrot Safe FOods

We take FAVORITE treats (almonds and walnuts) and wrap them in tissue paper to make foraging bombs. I put two of these in each of the treat cups.  Be sure to keep an eye on your parrot the first time you do this to be sure they aren't eating the paper.  Ours never has, he just tears it all apart.  

Parrots, Parrot Enrichment, Parrot Toys

Each day we take out one of the treat cups at snack time.  The foraging bombs get hidden throughout the cage and the rest of the treats get put in a foraging toy.  

They're super easy to make and take just a few minutes once a week.  



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