Easy Microgreens for Your Parrot.

Microgreens are super fun and easy to grow for your birds. They're also a nutritious addition to their diet.  

You can grow them in pots, trays or specialty microgreen containers using soil, coconut coir or hemp felt for the growing medium.   


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Some common seeds you can grow for parrots are wheat berries, clover, peas, sunflower, arugula, beets, broccoli, kale, rye berries, barley, endive and radish. 

 Microgreens for parrots


Typically seeds are soaked before growing.  This gives them a head-start and eliminates some of the compounds in the seed that aren't necessarily good to eat.  Raw nuts and seed contain an anti-nutrient called phytic acid which keeps the seed safe until conditions are right for it to grow. It's super important for the seed to have this protection, but it makes them hard to digest and interferes with our parrots ability to absorb nutrients when eaten.  Soaking decreases the amount of these anti-nutrients, making it easier for your bird to digest and absorb nutrients from them.  

Most vegetable seeds grown as microgreens are ready for harvest in about 2 weeks, though brassicas (like radish) have a faster growth rate, while herbs tend to take a little longer than 2 weeks. 

Once grown, just cut the plant right above the growing medium and serve to your parrots.  You can mix them with your daily parrot chop or serve them on their own.   They're a great way to add diversity to your parrots diet.  


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